Real Arcade Car Racing Simulators

I have been working on arcade games with real simulators but finding proper information is hard. Car driving or bus driving or anything driving on road can be used, you can even drive boat using this simulator, the thing is everything will work except the airplane.

Airplane simulators are hell heavy, and if you just get the paddle and lever then also you will not enjoy flying your plane using the simulator because a real simulator to fly planes you need real dashboard with control panel.

All you need right now is a wheel, yes steering wheel which can help you driving your cars fast with proper and reality of control, you can also embed or replace the dashboard with plane simulator but the thing is it should need to be compatible with such.

Also I know few people who have started a business using such arcade machines, there is a rumours about the machine and that is people are buying bunch of machines in 4-5 quantity to start a home business in gamiling world. You can also do the same if you think your locality people are really crazy about playing games, you can charge them for the game play.

There are real cockpit for racing in these gaming play form, have you seen racing chair or seats for SIM racing in playseat? you should have, I have such equipment at my home. Thats a racer simulators and if you want to be a racer then you need a lot of practice in cuts and driving experience for real world playing thing.

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